What is the difference between EMRTS Cymru and Wales Air Ambulance?

This service is delivered via an important partnership.

Wales Air Ambulance is a charitable trust which relies entirely on the generosity and support of the Welsh public to help keep the helicopters flying. The charity does not receive direct funding from the government and does not qualify for National Lottery funding. Therefore, the money is raised through charitable donations, fundraising events and membership of an in-house Lifesaving Lottery. For more information, visit

EMRTS Cymru (Welsh Flying Medics), a part of NHS Wales and supported by Welsh Government, supplies a highly-trained NHS Critical Care team comprised of:

• Critical Care Practitioners – including nurses and paramedics
• Consultants - from an emergency medicine, anesthesia and intensive care background.

We work with the Wales Air Ambulance charity to deliver a highly effective pan-Wales clinical emergency service. 


What medical equipment does EMRTS Cymru have available?

To see a list of the medical equipment used, please click here.



In what way does EMRTS Cymru benefit Wales?

EMRTS Cymru is designed to bring teams of consultants and Critical Care Practitioners (paramedics, nurses) to an injured patient via the Wales Air Ambulance. We offer access to life-saving treatment at the scene of their injury or accident, or we can transfer patients from peripheral centres (inc. Emergency Departments, Minor Injury Units) to specialist hospitals. 

It is estimated that EMRTS Cymru could contribute to at least a 40% improvement in survival rates from major trauma in Wales and could reduce transfer times to specialist hospital care by more than 40%. The service will ensure that 100% of the Welsh population will be able to access doctor-led care within 30 minutes.

EMRTS Cymru also supports neonatal services in Wales. We do this by: transferring neonatal teams to distant time-critical cases by air; supporting midwife units by stabilising women with life-threatening problems and transferring them to a consultant-led delivery unit; providing a medical advisor role at major incidents or mass-casualty events 24/7.


What happens when the helicopter is unable to fly in poor weather conditions?

EMRTS Cymru has access to a fleet of Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs). Five Audi Q7s have been converted into state-of-the-art emergency response vehicles designed to enable the team to reach the scene of a medical emergency, by road, as fast as possible. The RRVs are able to reach 46% of the Welsh population within 30 minutes. The vehicles are stationed throughout Wales, including two at Wales Air Ambulance bases. Medical equipment has been designed to be interchangeable between the charity’s helicopters and the RRVs.



Are you a healthcare professional interested in what we do?


If you are a healthcare professional interested in seeing what we do, or if you would like one of our team to give a presentation about the Service, please email


How can I support the work of this service?

This service is not possible without the public, whose generosity ensures that enough money is raised to keep the helicopters flying. To find out how you can support the Wales Air Ambulance charity, please visit Thank you.