Dr John Glen 

EMRTS Cymru Roles

Critical Care Doctor.

NHS Role

Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care - Ysbyty Glan Clwyd (YGC), Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.


Dr John Glen came to Wales from Scotland to help set up EMRTS Cymru and, as a consequence, took up his Welsh consultant post. John is the Base Lead for the Caernarfon operation and is the EMRTS service lead for major incidents and neonates. Graduating from Glasgow, John trained in the West of Scotland, Australia and South East England before being appointed in his first consultant role. He also spent time working with the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service (EMRS) in Scotland. John is an examiner for the Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Research / Publications

Original Articles

  • Infraclavicular axillary vein cannulation, using ultrasound, in a mechanically ventilated general intensive care population. Glen J, Lang I, Christie L. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 2015; 43(5): 635-640
  • Selective digestive or oropharyngeal decontamination and topical oropharyngeal chlorhexidine for prevention of death in general intensive care: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. Price R, MacLennan G, Glen J. British Medical Journal 2014; doi: 10.1136/bmj.g2197 (Published 31 March 2014)
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  • Use of audio signals derived from electroencephalographic recordings as a novel ‘depth of anaesthesia’ monitor. Glen J. Medical Hypotheses 2010; 75; 547-9
  • Anaesthesia – a sedentary specialty? Accelerometer assessment of the activity level of anaesthetists while at work. Cuthill JA, Fitzpatrick K, Glen J. Anaesthesia 2008;63(3):279-83


  • Trainee quality improvement projects: a new paradigm in geographical and temporal integration with the rotating anaesthetic trainee as the core element. European Journal of Anaesthesiology 2012; 29 Supp 50; 21 (abstract and poster at Euroanaesthesia). Glen J, Rae P, Docking R.
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  • Vapour monitoring in the anaesthetic room in Scotland. Anaesthesia 2008; 63(3): 325-6. (letter). Glen J, Smart NG.

Other Roles

Intensive Care Faculty Tutor, YGC. Wales Intensive Care Specialty Training Committee Member. Critical Care Major Incident Lead, YGC. Critical Care Renal Replacement Therapy Lead, YGC. Deputy Trauma Lead, YGC. Programme Lead, EPIC (Emergency, Prehospital, and Intensive Care) Fellowship. Critical Care Ultrasound Lead, YGC. Seren (Schools Liaison) Programme Lead, YGC. Inaugural UK Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine Examination Prize Winner, 2013.