Level 1 Adult Transfers

The transfer service for Level 1 adult patients has been made possible through the introduction of the Wales Air Ambulance (WAA) Charity’s new fourth aircraft (Helimed 67). Between now and 31 March 2017 the aircraft will be available to undertake adult inter-hospital transfers that do not fall within Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS Cymru) activation criteria and where air transfer is preferred (i.e. when the transfer will take much longer by road). The service is being piloted during this period to measure the demand for, and long-term feasibility of, a dedicated transfer aircraft.

The Charity is funding the aircraft, pilot(s) and Critical Care Practitioner (CCP), and will also fund all transfers undertaken (that fall within the criteria outlined below) during this period.

Key Points


  • The service is operational 5 days per week (Thursday to Monday), between the hours of 09:00 – 19:00. Pilot(s) and a crew member (an EMRTS Cymru CPP) will be provided.

  • An escort will be needed for any journey where specialist treatment will be required en-route to the receiving hospital, and that is outside the competency of the CCP or where long-distance transfer is required.​

Hospital staff and their equipment will be repatriated where possible. In the event of the aircraft being unable to fulfil this obligation the Air Support Desk (ASD) will coordinate alternative transport to ensure that this takes place.

What are the benefits?

Our transfer service ensures that patients are taken to the appropriate healthcare facility in a timely manner. They also reduce some of the pressure on hospital services in Wales by freeing up staff and Welsh hospital beds. It may reduce ambulance use for long-distance transfers.

How do you contacts us?

The Air Support Desk (ASD) is the first point of contact for retrieval teams/hospitals who wish to organise a transfer.


The ASD can be accessed, between 08:00 and 20:00, by calling 0300 123 2301

The ASD will coordinate a conference call chaired by a senior EMRTS Top Cover Consultant (TCC) involving the transferring service and the aircrew. The TCC will consider the request and, if appropriate, will accept the transfer.

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