EMRTS Cymru Welsh Flying Doctors Blood Products
EMRTS Cymru Welsh Flying Doctors Blood Products
EMRTS Cymru Welsh Flying Doctors diagnostic equipment
EMRTS Cymru Welsh Flying Doctors diagnostic equipment
EMRTS Cymru Welsh Flying Doctors NHS Wales
EMRTS Cymru Welsh Flying Doctors SAIL databank Swansea University
EMRTS Cymru Welsh Flying Doctors International Interest
Blood Products


EMRTS Cymru was the first service in the UK to carry a range of different blood and clotting systems on board its helicopters/vehicles. Find out more here.








Customised Phone App


EMRTS Cymru has introduced a customised phone app for use by its Consultants and Critical Care Practitioners. This health technology advancement gives intelligence about hospital services and offers guidance on a range of medical procedures.











Diagnostic Equipment


The service carries the latest in diagnostic equipment including portable blood testing devices and an ultrasound scanner. These ensure patients receive the highest level of care outside of the hospital environment. Find out more here.











Advanced Incubator System


The service has use of an advanced incubator system, in the air and on the road, which offers the same level of care provided in specialist hospitals. The system will control the temperature and oxygen levels of the baby.











NHS Wales Partnership/Recruitment to Wales


All of the consultants who work within EMRTS Cymru already hold permanent contracts within the NHS in Wales and England. In the majority of cases, their EMRTS sessions are done in addition to their standard NHS sessions so hospitals are not being denuded of consultant cover.


This has been an attractive job and has driven consultant recruitment in Wales. A number of consultant jobs have been advertised in NHS Wales with EMRTS sessions and we have successfully attracted two permanent Emergency Medicine consultants to Wales during the first eight months of the service, with further combined EMRTS jobs being advertised soon.


There is much enthusiasm from consultants who wish to work for the service. A number of interested parties have undertaken observer shifts so expansion of the service, and of consultant numbers, would be well received.



Contribution to Quality Improvement


EMRTS Cymru will be contributing data to the Swansea University Anonymised Data Linkage (SAIL) databank. This world-class anonymous data linkage system securely brings together the widest possible array of routinely collected data for research, development and evaluation. It will facilitate continuous quality improvement of the service.



International Interest


There has been international interest in the service with colleagues from Northern Ireland and New Zealand exploring the feasibility of a leading service like EMRTS Cymru. There has also been interest from America relating to the medical innovations used by the service.