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How do I sign up ?

To sign up, please click the "BOOK TRIAL" icon above. It will take you to the booking page. Pick a date, and the location of the branch. Follow the online sign up procedures and pay for the 2 trial classes. There is no obligation to join after the 2 sessions. Take the time to enjoy the trainings and see if Wing Chun is suitable for you or not. Please take the time to read through the remaining FAQ. The teachings of Chinese culture and humility is emphasised at our school. The 2 sessions also allows Sifu to examine whether the students are respectful and willing to obey our code of conduct. Not everyone gets the opportunity to train at our school. But a rule of thumb, if you are friendly, you are welcome :) We agree that money can buy a lot of things, but not everything and definitely not Kung fu at our school. You will be expected to be humble, train hard and earn your Kung fu the hard old fashion Chinese way.

What is the Beginners introductory sessions for?

They are for people who are interested in our Wing Chun, but not really sure if this will suit them. Some martial arts schools will try and lock students in with a long contract on their first session. This is not how we operate. We believe if you like our Wing Chun, you will come back.

For those who have done Wing Chun from other lineages, please remember every lineage trains differently, the 2 sessions will let you experience the Practical Wing Chun system. Participants will get a basic understanding of our theories, how we train at our school, and how to progress in Practical Wing Chun system to become certified.

It is a privilege to learn Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun under the Family tree of Wong Shun Leung’s lineage. We are proud of our system, but at the same time we respect other martial arts, and everyone is humble at our school.

If you know what you want and wish to sign up directly, you are welcome to contact us directly.

What should I bring with me the first time?

As a basic courtesy, please arrive at least 15 minutes before we start so that we have enough time to fill out basic disclaimer forms.

Where can I find the most updated timetable ?

Please visit our main page on our website here

How many times do I need to train Wing Chun a week to flow?

It comes down to individuals. We recommend minimum 2 times per week to be able to flow and move like we do.

How much is the training fee ?

Please visit the training fee page.

Do you do casual trainings?

No. We are not a combat sport club. Repetition is required for muscle memory for Wing Chun training.

For those who are time poor, we have created a Bronze package for once a week training.

For shift workers, we now have morning & late night classes. Please refer to our time table.

For those who work away, we have released our Online Training Group program.

Do not join the school if you can not commit to at least 1 session per week. Save your money & time. Find another martial arts school or join our seminars/workshops for Non-Wing Chun background when you have more time.

Can I come in and watch?

We used to but unfortunately due to lost of properties incidents in the past, we do not offer non members to sit & watch anymore. Also Covid has changed things a bit at our school. We now run a Covid-Safe plan and we will need to record full details of everyone who enters the club. It is easier to book in a trial class so we have enough instructors to handle the additional paper work.

As above but if you have young children and they are a bit shy. They are welcome to come and watch the class outside of the school. (Covid Safe)

Wing Chun is a close range combat system. Techniques are repetition training for muscle memory. It is not as exciting to watch compared to comabating sports. We therefore highly recommend trying out introductory classes to physically experience the training and the vibe of the school. An interesting fact is that 80% of the people who attended the introductory beginner’s class enrolled with us.

Where can I find more information ?

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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